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Wisconsin Rapids Chiropractor | Dr. Missy Cook

Dr. Cook

Pediatric Chiropractor Dr. Missy Cook

A Wisconsin Rapids Chiropractor Who Specializes in Women and Children

The primary reason Dr. Missy became a chiropractor was to be able to work with women and children. She was drawn to the holistic approach of chiropractic after visiting with a chiropractor at a job fair. “When I found out women and children use it, I was sold.”

The chiropractor at the job fair was able to have a family and still pursue a profession he loved. “I get the best of both worlds: being a chiropractor and being a mom.”

Given Time, The Process Works

One of the biggest challenges Dr. Missy faces as a chiropractor is when a patient doesn’t improve as quickly as they would like. “I want to educate them about why it’s taking some time, but they don’t always want to wait to find out. What I wish they knew is that I want them to be pain free, too!”

Chiropractic Education

Like her husband, Dr. Mike, Dr. Missy attended Northwestern College of Chiropractic. She was surprised by how much work it was. “It was a lot more than I ever imagined. Even though it was a lot of work, I went the extra mile and earned my ICPA certification. I’m the only ICPA certified pediatric chiropractor within a 50-mile radius.”

Life Outside the Practice

Outside the office, Dr. Missy enjoys spending time with Dr. Mike and their two boys. She also enjoys yoga and attends classes at the hospital through their wellness program. “Shopping and attending my kids’ events rounds out my favorite things in life.”

As a practice we sponsor a lot of children related events like runs for autism or 5Ks.

Call Dr. Missy Cook at Cook Family Chiropractic today to get the best pediatric care in the town. (715) 423-5050

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