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Wisconsin Rapids Chiropractor | Dr. Becky Super

Dr. Becky Super

Dr. Becky Super

“I grew up in a chiropractic family.”

“After being in five automobile accidents (none of which were my fault!), I benefited from chiropractic care. Witnessing all of the ways chiropractic helped me and others, I was so impressed that I decided to become a chiropractor.”

The Joys and Struggles of Being a Chiropractor

“As a chiropractor, I enjoy being able to relieve suffering and get people back to a better state of health without using drugs.” Dr. Super explains that the biggest challenge to this is seeing people out there who suffer needlessly and overmedicate themselves simply because they don’t know the benefits of chiropractic care.

My Education and Inspiration

Dr. Super graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic with honors in 1992. During her time there, she was surprised to see how babies could be adjusted and how simple adjustments can make such a tremendous change in someone’s life. “I was inspired by the stories and experiences the professors’ shared about their life stories.”


At home, I keep myself busy with a variety of activities. I raise championship Newfoundland dogs and own a champion Bulldog. I love bicycling, movies and embroidery and have recently begun running some 5Ks.

I work at the local YMCA part time just for fun and to get to know people there. I’m also a member of a leads group.

Laughter Is Healing

“One of my strengths is making people feel comfortable and getting them to laugh. Laughter is healing. I want to make the experience of chiropractic as helpful and pleasant as possible.”

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